Stenciling FAQs

Scroll down for stenciling help from our FAQs and for any other questions, please feel free to contact us!

Can anyone stencil?

Absolutely!  Stenciling is easy and fun.  Every stencil order comes with instructions and techniques.  Those who are new to stenciling, or feel they have little artistic ability may first want to try stenciling using a mini roller.  All you have to do is affix your stencil to the wall and roll over it with a little paint.  The Allover/Damask patterns have registration marks (little dots) in all the corners so that you will have no trouble lining up your stencil properly. Continue below for more stenciling FAQs.  For further stenciling help, contact us (

Three-Piece Tree Stenciling Tutorial

Two-Piece Stenciling Tutorial (Octopus) 

VIDEO TUTORIAL:  Stenciling Silver Birches in a Yoga Studio

What supplies will I need?

PAINT:  Acrylic or Latex interior or craft paint.

PAINT TRAY:  If you are using a roller, a regular or mini paint tray is best.  If you are using a sponge or stencil brush, a paper or styrofoam plate will work.

BLUE PAINTER’S TAPE (LOW TACK) or SPRAY ADHESIVE:  This kind of tape will not strip paint off your walls.  If you are using a very delicate stencil, it is easier to get it perfectly flat on the wall with spray adhesive (Elmer’s makes one that is gentle on walls).

MINI DENSE FOAM ROLLER:  The 4-inch size is the easiest to use for large or repeating stencils.  They can be purchased at most hardware stores and cost between $3 and $5.

STENCIL BRUSH:  If you are using small stencils, or want to do a gradient or shading, you will need a stencil brush with a flat head for dabbing (you never use a sweeping motion because that can cause paint to seep under the stencil).  You can also use a foam sponge if you want a textured look.

PAPER TOWELS:  You will need to blot a lot of paint from your roller or brush before applying it to the wall, so you should have a stack of paper towels ready.

Q-TIPS and WATER:  In case you get paint bleeding behind the stencil, you should be ready with water and Q-Tips for easy cleanup.

Can I reuse my stencil?

Yes.  Our stencils are made of very strong plastic (12 mil) and can be used over and over.  You can paint over them several times before they’ll need washing. Then you can wash them in warm soapy water to be reused again.  If you store them nice and flat, they will last for years to come.

What if I rip or tear my stencil?

You can easily repair your stencil with scotch tape or packing tape.

Do you make custom stencils?

We can custom size most of our stencils (smaller is preferred).  Sorry, we are not currently making custom designs.