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Most of our flower stencils are fairly large to let you quickly and easily decorate and add personality to your home. Flowers are perfect not only for walls but for any number of projects. You can use flower stencils on fabric, furniture, canvas and more. Add a pop of color to a girl’s bedroom or make a statement in your living room with a big, bold flower. These large flower stencils look gorgeous above your bed, couch, or even a low shelf.

Try a metallic paint for a modern, elegant look. Or, try gradient shading with two or more colors (tutorial on our blog). You can make the center of a flower fade or intensify into the petals. Our stencils are reusable and reversible. You can place the blooms randomly or even make a pattern. Better Homes and Gardens magazine used our Thistle stencil with gold paint to make a fun pattern (see photos in our Gallery). Or, try our modern chrysanthemum stencil in different sizes.

Stenciling is a fun alternative to wallpaper or vinyl decals. Wallpaper can be very expensive. Decals are limited in color and can become pricey in quantity. With just one stencil, you can cover a whole room with beautiful flowers. You can choose any paint color. You can easily create a subtle, faded look with just a little paint. Or you can get really creative with shading and different colors. You can even make your stencil appear to pop off the wall by first painting its shadow (see our blog for shadow effect).

You only need a few materials and you’ll be able to enjoy a fun, creative project! Any interior paint will do. For smaller stencils, you can even use craft paints. Some customers have stenciled outdoors, too! For that, you will need exterior paint. You can paint your fence, or even the outside of a building (see our Gallery for inspiration). Stencils can be used for all kinds of interesting projects. Get creative with flower stencils!

Gradient Shading (or Ombré stenciling) looks beautiful on flowers!  See the Tutorial for this technique – it’s easier than you might think!

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