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Our modern pattern stencils are versatile and lend themselves to many decor styles. They are made of durable 11-mil plastic and can be reused many, many times. Just one stencil can be repeated to cover an entire room. This makes them an economical alternative to wallpaper and vinyl decals.

The repeating modern pattern stencils come with registration marks. These are little holes in each corner that can be marked with a pencil for easy alignment. No need for guesswork or measuring. Instructions with tips and techniques are included. You will also get a free mini stencil to practice with. If you have never stenciled before, you can practice your stenciling technique on cardboard before going to the wall. You can also check out our blog to see some stenciling tutorials.

Try our Arrow Pattern in a boy’s room for a tasteful tribal look. Or, try it in a living room for a whimsical yet minimalist, linear look. Try one of our Moroccan Tile patterns in black on white to liven up a powder room or kitchen. Our Art Deco patterns are a blend of organic and modern and will work with many different styles. If you like a nautical feel in your home, try our Compass Rose pattern or the Nautical Chain pattern. They are great for beach houses, too!

Stenciling a whole room can be time-consuming by yourself, but if you have a little patience, you will end up with a completely transformed interior. If you are stenciling more than one wall, it can go faster with two or more stencils. So, consider having your spouse help. Or, call some friends and have a stenciling party!

Most supplies can be purchased at a hardware store (like Home Depot). You can get your paint, mini dense foam roller, painters’ tape, spray adhesive and paint trays in one place. *Spray your stencil with spray adhesive outdoors, if possible.

One of our favorite ways to make a serious statement wall is to use the shadow effect with modern pattern stencils. Check out the tutorial on our blog (below).

Shadow Effect Tutorial

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