Our wall stencils are designed by Cate Tinsley. Her unique designs aren’t like anything else you’ll find on the market! Born and raised in New York, Cate grew up inspired by the natural beauty of the northeastern United States as well as trips to Southern France, Italy, and the British Isles.  Cate created Olive Leaf Stencils with a series of original artwork based on forests, gardens, birds, and sea life.  She now calls Ann Arbor (MI) her home.

We hope Olive Leaf’s wall stencils will inspire everyone to make an ordinary room in their home to feel like an enchanted forest, an underwater adventure, or an oasis of modern chic.

If you have any questions about stenciling, techniques, or any thing else be sure to check out the Olive Leaf Blog which includes video tutorials, instructional help, and different stenciling techniques for those more advanced DIY’ers! Or you can email us at olive@oliveleafstencils.com.

Cate Tinsley

Cate (Background: Deco Storm Pattern stencil)