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Stenciling is a fun, easy way to transform any room in your home!  We use durable, yet flexible 11-mil clear plastic to make our wall stencils (manufactured in the USA).  Most of them are quite large for ease of use and to make a big impact on your walls.  If you choose to try one of our repeating pattern stencils, the large size helps to make the job a quick one.  They are not so large, however, that they are unwieldy.  We have many patterns to choose from.  Some are modern or geometric, which go very well with modern or minimalist furnishings.  Some are classical and lend themselves to a Victorian decorating style and the like.  If you are a fan of William Morris designs, but do not want to use wallpaper, check out our stencils based on his designs (among other damask patterns).

We also carry a wide array of flower stencils, huge trees, branches, birds and sea creatures.  Our designer, Cate, created these stencils from original, hand-drawn artworks, which is why they are unique.  They are not like the usual, generic clip art stencils you will find elsewhere on the web.  Try using them as a pattern, too!

Another reason wall stencils are better than wallpaper, or even vinyl decals: they are reusable.  You can prolong their use by rinsing every so often.  You can then store them for future use, if desired.  We include detailed instructions and tips with every order.  You can also see our FAQs for more information.  For inspiration and photos, visit our Gallery/Blog.

Stencils for Public Art

Stencils are also great for public art projects!  Our stencils have been used on many public buildings, on public utility boxes and in schools.  Olive’s stencils are a proven tagging prevention tactic as well.  Visit our Community page for more info.

Look at our Tagging Prevention Stencil Photos for great examples (mostly with the use of our tree stencils).  You can also check out our tutorial on stenciling a public utility box.

Get creative and give stenciling a try!