Repeating Pattern Stenciling and Making a Top Piece

How to get as close to the edges (of moulding/ceiling) as possible

Demonstrated by Stevie


  • First, carefully place painters tape along your edges (moulding, ceiling, floor, etc.).
  • 3M All Purpose Spray Adhesive works very well for stencils (DO NOT spray indoors).
  • Stencil the entire wall (or all of the walls you will be stenciling with your chosen pattern).
  • Stencil, using the registration marks, until you are finished with the bulk of the space.
  • If you are using a roller (we recommend the 4-inch dense foam roller – available at most hardware stores), remember to blot it on a stack of paper towels to avoid leakage.

pattern stenciling

pattern stencilingpattern stenciling patternstenciling4


  • The spray adhesive works for several applications, so there is no need to spray after every use.


pattern stenciling pattern stenciling pattern stenciling


  • When you are ready to stencil your edges (Stevie is using the ceiling moulding as an example), measure the distance between the top registration mark and the ceiling.  We recommend stenciling from top to bottom, either vertically, horizontally or switching off.
  • Next, mark that distance on the bottom of your stencil – up from the bottom registration mark.
  • Draw a straight line across the stencil with a pencil or marker and cut along the line.  Now you have your top piece.
  • Use the registration marks to line up the strip.  Make sure your edge is covered with painters tape.


pattern stenciling pattern stenciling


  • Use your roller right up to the tape.
  • Peel off the tape as soon as possible.  It is more difficult to peel if left on for too long.
  • Don’t forget to erase the registration marks.


pattern stenciling  pattern stenciling


This method works for your ceiling edges, floor and even sides or corners.  For pattern stenciling, you can cut your stencil (once the majority of your wall has been painted) to fill any edges, crevices or small spaces.  Make sure to measure carefully and to use painters tape alongside any cut edge.